Swimming Lessons at Westwoods

At Westwoods Health Club we offer both group (up to 8:1) and private lessons (1:1, 2:1 or 3:1) for our members (frozen and lapsed members are not eligible for lessons).

SWIM STARS Group lessons are run by the Club, overseen by Jenni Clark our Swimming Co-ordinator and Membership Administrator, who has previously worked as a swimming teacher at Westwoods. Group lessons which last 30 minutes, run on a Saturday morning with Karina and on a Monday afternoon with Anne. Members may book in to a group directly at reception once they have been trialled by either Anne or Karina to assess their ability.  To arrange your 15 minute trial please contact Jenni directly. Her e-mail address and hours of work can be found at the bottom of the page. SWIM STARS lessons are for children who fall within the ability levels advertised and from the age of 3 ½ years old.

Private lessons are run by Anne, Karina and Marta on a self-employed basis and they are able to provide 1:1, 2:1 or 3:1 30 minute lessons. Unlike the group lessons which are organised by the Club, the teachers work for themselves and organise all their own private lessons during time slots made available to them. Contact details and qualifications for all three teachers can be found on our Swimming Teachers Profile Page. You simply pick your teacher and they will contact you to arrange a paid assessment lesson or place you on their own personal waiting list. Payments are still taken by the Club. Private Lessons can be for adults or children.

You are welcome to contact more than one teacher and be one more than one waiting list for SWIM STARS or private lessons.

Payments and Bookings:

SWIM STARS lessons are run in blocks of between four and ten weeks throughout the academic year. Members from the previous block have priority to re-book into the same group in the next block.  This process is repeated for each of the following blocks per academic year.

Following your booking and payment we will require an application form for each child.  This can be found in our downloads section here.

Private lessons follow the same payment pattern as SWIM STARS lessons, but members can also book for one-off lessons in weeks out with the normal payment blocks or over school holidays subject to the pool being made available to the teachers.


2016/17 swimming year starts with effect from 20th August 2016.

Price Per Lesson 2016/2017 School Year
SWIM STARS up to 8:1
Note: junior members recieve a £1 discount per lesson per week, applicable on request at the time of booking only
Block Dates for remaining 2016/17 year:
Start Date
End Date
Block 1 20th Aug 8th Oct 8
Block 2 29th Oct 17th Dec 8
Block 3 7th Jan 2017 4th Feb 5
Block 4 25th Feb 25th March 5
Block 5 22nd Apr 24th June 10
Start Date
End Date
Block 1 22nd Aug 10th Oct 8
Block 2 31st Oct 19th Dec 8
Block 3 9th Jan 17 6th Feb 5
Block 4 27th Feb 27th March 5
Block 5 24th Apr 26th June 10


Start Date
End Date
Block 1 24th Aug 12th Oct 8
Block 2 2nd Nov 21st Dec
Block 3 11th Jan 17 8th Feb 5
Block 4 1st March 29th March 5
Block 5 26th April 28th June 10


Start Date
End Date
Block 1
26th Aug
14th Oct
Block 2
4th Nov
23rd Dec
Block 3
13th Jan 17
10th Feb
Block 4
3rd March
31st March
Block 5 28th April 30th June 10

*Please note the club is closed on Friday 16th December.

SWIM STARS Lesson Stages:

In order for parents to monitor their child's progress, "SWIM STARS" provides a clear entry point, outcomes and an exit point to each stage.  There will be 5 stages ranging from Stage 1 for pre-school / new swimmer abilities through to Stage 5 where a child can swim 25-50m on all four strokes.  More information about our stages can be found here.  It is anticipated that a child who attends all 5 blocks in the school year will have the potential to move up to the next stage for the following school year.  Once a child has reached the end of Stage 5 they will exit group lessons and can go to private lessons if they want to continue to develop here at Westwoods.

If you have any questions that are not answered on this page then you can either e-mail Jenni Clark, Jenni works Monday - Friday (1.30pm - 5.00pm) or call Westwoods on 0131 332 5777.

Please note that the regular terms and conditions apply and these can be found here.  In addition we kindly ask parents to ensure their child showers and does not enter the swimming pool water until invited to do so by the teacher.