Swimming Pool & SWIMTAG


At Westwoods, we were the first Club in Scotland to offer SWIMTAG and its use is included within the cost of membership!

Members can wear a wristband which records lengths, time per length, strokes per length, calories burned and much more! It can be used by novice swimmers who are looking to improve their stroke and/or fitness, right up to professional athletes such as Commonwealth Gold Medalist Robbie Renwick (pictured) who helped launch SWIMTAG here at Westwoods and endorsed it as a great training aid!

Once you've completed your swim and handed your wristband back to reception, all you need to do is wait a short time and you'll be able to SEE YOUR SWIM online!

For a full demonstration you can visit the SWIMTAG website.

Pool Timetable and General Information

With the exception of 4-6 swimming galas that we run throughout the year, if we're open, our pool is open to members. We do run several activites including aquafit classes and swimming lessons which take up a section of the pool and we have family fun times as well as adult only times to cater for our wide range of members. Fettes College also use a section of the pool for an hour or two per day on average and we close the pool an hour early on two Sunday evenings per month for lifeguard training.  Our pool is supervised by RLSS qualified lifeguards at all times.

We create a pool timetable each month as a guide for all members which can be downloaded below, along with our pool set up guide which illustrates how the pool is set up at certain times.

Pool Timetable for February: PDF Version

Pool Timetbale for February: Excel Version

Pool Set Up Guide

You can also download a copy of our poolside rules below. This list is not exhaustive, it just contains the most common rules with a short explanation. Please always follow the direction of Lifeguards whilst on poolside.

Poolside Rules

Swimming Galas in 2017

12th, 19th, 24th and 31st January 2017.

Lifeguard Training

The pool closes early (at 8.30pm) two Sunday's per month for lifeguard training. Remaining dates for 2016 are listed below. (They will also appear on the pool timetable).

8th and 29th January

12th and 26th Febuary

12th and 26th March

9th and 23rd April

7th and 28th May

11th and 25th June

9th and 23rd July

6th and 27th August

10th and 24th Sept

8th and 22nd October

5th and 26th November

3rd and 17th December

Please note that weekend members have access to the swimming pool on the preceding Friday to any lifeguard training from 8:30pm until 10pm.