Fitness Motivation


Westwoods Health Club is one of only a handful of Health Clubs in Scotland to offer MYZONE technology within its Club.  MYZONE, coupled with SWIMTAG allows our members a fantastic opportunity to track their workouts from the comfort of your own home. The Myzone MZ-3 is the next generation heart rate monitor which allows you instant and accurate feedback on your workouts.  The recent launch of the MZ-3 enables you to access your workout data anywhere therefore helping to motivate you no matter where you are.

12 Week Wellness Profile

Here at Westwoods we do everything you can to keep you motivated. Personal Training is available (to find out more you can visit our Fitness Instructor Profiles page) but it is our philosophy to ensure that you are given the time you need with an Instructor to get you settled in to the gym with a suitable programme on machines you are confident using, at no extra cost. Our 12 Week Wellness Profile ensures this happens and is all included within the cost of membership. Even if you have been a member for a while, you are welcome to restart your Wellness Profile at any time.

Timescale Appointment Duration Description
Week 0
Personal Programme
1 hour
Here you will meet one of our Gym Instructors who will devise a Personal Programme that helps you achieve your primary goals.
Week 1
Active Profile
Up to 1 hour
Your instructor will take you through a selection of exerecise that will measure lung capacity, heart rate, cardio fitness, strength and flexibility.  This is the base starting point that we will build upon together.
Week 3
Programme Review
30 Minutes
Here you will discuss any likes/dislikes about your programme and the progress you are making.  Adjustments will be made to the intensity of the exercises which will be talered to help keep you motivated.
Week 5 Full Programme Review
1 hour Here your instructor will look at how easy or difficult you are finding your programme.  It is a chance to reset any weights and make further adjustments to re-enguage and exceed your initial goals.
Week 8
45 Minute Complimentary Personal Training Session
45 mins
By now you will be showing real progress and this is an ideal stage to take advantaghe of a complimentary Personal Training session.  Your trainer will demonstrate new techniques and exercises which will push you to achieve your very best.
Week 12
Active Profile Review
Up to 1 hour
Congratulations! You have reached the end of your initial 12 week journey and you will recieve a prize for doing so!  By now you should see clear progress and at this stage we will encourage you to set a new goal as you are now ready to start your 2nd Active Profile.

What Happens Next?

Now that you’ve competed your first three months, you’ll be looking and feeling better! Our Fitness Instructors will do their best to catch you in the gym and they’ll ask if you would like your programme updated. You are welcome to book in for regular Programme Reviews and members who have not used the gym for a long period of time can start back at the beginning of the 12 week process again.

The Tests

Fitness Component Test
Speed 500m Row
Strength Grip Test
Flexibility Sit and Reach Test
Stamina The Plank

You can do any or all of the tests. Your first test will be to establish your current fitness levels and at the same time your Fitness Instructor can tweak your programme to help you achieve a better score next time around. At your second appointment, we will then look to see how much you have improved.