Class Descriptions

Below is a brief description of what happens in each class we run (you can view our class times on the Class Timetable). Please ask a member of the Fitness Team to help you pick a class that suits your requirements.

Army Boxing

A high intensity inteval class.  The class goes back to basics with push ups, power squats, burpees and high intensity pad work. This class will raise your metabolism into maximum overdrive.

Aqua Fit (Mon/Tue/Fri/Sun)

This non-impact, high intensity class is fantastic fun and is a complete workout combining cardiovascular and conditioning techniques.

Aqua Fit (Wed 9.45am)

This is a non-impact, lower intensity class. You will work through all the major muscles groups without putting undue stress on the joints making it an interesting, fun and enjoyable class suitable for all ages and levels of fitness.


Is simply the ultimate cardiovascular challenge, encouraging you to reach the limits of your endurance.


A new yoga for anyone and everyone. Bending and stretching through safe and simple Yoga moves, the class blends elements of Tai Chi and Pilates to strengthen your entire body.

Body Blitz

Anne will put you through your paces with this round workout, a combination of boxing moves, step and tone and Xer tubes. Be part of this unique experience.


Combines powerhouse moves and stances developed from a range of disciplines including Karate, Kickboxing, T’ai Chi and Tae Kwon do and developed into a ‘take no prisoners’ adrenaline pumping routine.


A 45 to 60 min non-impact, resistance training programme that utilises barbells and adjustable weights. It will tone and condition your body, can help you lose weight and will ultimately change the shape of your body.

Boot Camp

A great total body workout with a fast paced combination of cardio and strength exercises. A fun and rewarding workout.


The studio is set up with various excercise stations.  You will move around each station and work different muscle groups. You'll work hard and test both your strength and cardio for an all round workout.

Fit Ball Workout

A core stability class using Swiss balls. This class will tone deep stomach muscles, improve posture and reduce lower back pain.

Fitness Pilates

Using Pilates equipment, rings, bands nd gliders. A series of excersises to incrrease the flow of movement, improve flexibility, build strength and to develop strong core.

Healthy Hearts

Cardiac Rehabilitation class led by our back phase 4 instructor and resident member of staff, Morag Hammond. It is affiliated to Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland (CHAS) Designed for people who have heart problems and/or diabetes. We require a referral from your GP before you take part.


A 20 - 25 minute high intensity interval training class has members working at maximal effort levels for short intervals of time. A fantastic quick workout!


A high intensity interval training 30 minute metabolic workout which uses body weight exercises to build up speed, strength & power for a fantastic fat burning workout.


Invigorate the mind and body, improve your posture, core stability and flexibility, creating long lean muscles at the same time. This is achieved using a series of flowing, full range movements.


A dymanic combination class involving Pilates, Yoga and Balance exercises.  This is a highly intense workout.

Studio Cycling

The ultimate in will power. This class caters for all levels and simulates outdoor riding, including hill climbs, downhill sprints and flat riding. A great calorie burner and lots of fun.

Studio Cycling/ HIIT

A cross training class that is ideal for developing all round fitness. High intensity interval training is combined with studio cycle stations to create a fun and challenging workout that is different every time.

Total Body Conditioning

Starting with an invigorating warm up then moving on to toning, it’s based on the principles of body sculpting and shaping, this class will tone and shape all the major muscle groups. You’ll feel this one in the morning!.

Yoga (Iyengar)

An individual form of exercise concentrating on posture and encouraging improved flexibility, breathing development and relaxation. A relaxing class to improve overall flexibility.

Yoga (Hatha)

Through continual development of strength, deep breathing and mobility, students are given the opportunity to experience more energy, steadiness of mind and general well being.

Young @ Heart

A studio based class structured for the over 50’s. It has been designed to effectively work the cardiovascular system, while also improving muscle tone and bone density. A great class for the young at heart.


The Zumba® program fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that will blow you away. A great aerobic workout that's more of a party than a fitness class!